Small Groups and Classes

Small Groups

Since each of us is moving on a continuum of faith – from curious and cautious to totally in love with our Creator and the new life given through Christ – there are different small groups to meet different needs.  The main question to ask is: what type of small group would motivate me to rearrange my schedule?

Do you need:

  • Encouragement from others who are in a similar life stage?
  • Deeper Christian friendships that provide accountability?
  • Support through a life transition or difficult season of life?
  • People who will encourage you to live out your faith at work?
  • A group with whom to pray and play?

To find a small group that is right for you, call our church office to arrange a connection conversation to help you find a great small group fit, (970) 482-6107.

Gifted in Leadership?  Small group leader positions are open to all church members who have the gift of leadership and a passion for serving as a small group facilitator. If this is a place where you’d like to serve, please contact Mary Krings, Center Leader for Discipleship and Spiritual Formation.



First Presbyterian Church is committed to cultivating a Christ-centered community in which we come together to better know God's truth and show God's love. We are committed to providing opportunities for adults of all ages to discover and experience deeper heart and mind knowledge of the Word of God in Jesus Christ, the Holy Scriptures and the unique theology of the Reformed tradition, and the relevance of faithful discipleship in today's complex world. We hope that you will feel welcome in our midst and join a class that will help you discover and connect more with God and new friends.

Sunday Mornings (10:15–11:00 a.m.)

  • Two Stories: Jesus' Story and Our Own Story
    Leaders: Drs. Michael and Nancy Smith
    This Lenten series will focus on Jesus' story leading up to His crucifixion and resurrection and how His story surfaces in our own story. The series will draw on the writings of Frederick Buechner and Henri Nouwen. The series will continue three weeks past Easter to focus on Buechner's writings on Jesus' post-resurrection appearances.

  • Liberation Theology and Our Own Journey Toward Greater Love and Justice
    Leader: Rev. Dr. Gary Ritner
    Integrating our own growing awareness and commitment to love and justice with the experiences and theologies of Liberation Theologians with whom Gary did his Ph.D. studies at Union Theological Seminary in NYC. This class will meet April 22 and 29.


Throughout the Week

  • Scripture for Lunch Sermon Discussion
    Wednesdays, 12–1 p.m. 
    Please bring a brown-bag lunch and join us as we consider the texts that will be preached in upcoming sermons. This is designed to be a drop-in class. 

  • Midweek eXperience (MX)
    Wednesdays, 5:15-7:00 p.m. 
    Read more about our MX Classes here.

  • Sunday Supper Book Club
    Third Sunday of the month, 5:00–7:30 p.m.
    Hosts Charles May and Penny Hillman-May will host this monthly small group to nourish ties within the FPC community and facilitate personal discovery and growth through discussion and exploration of Christian books. Group is limited to 14 participants. Contact Penny Hillman-May for more information.