Advent Worship

Advent Worship

Sunday, December 05, 2021, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Group: First Presbyterian Church

Brought to us by the creative team, A Sanctified Art, our theme for Advent and Christmastide is “Close to Home.”

When something hits close to home, it affects us deeply. The stories and scriptures of Advent are tender, heavy with emotion, and vulnerable. We hold the memories and truths of this season close to our hearts. Close to Home acknowledges that Emmanuel is with us, and yet, God’s promised day—our everlasting home—is not fully realized. We long for God to come close.

Ultimately, God is our home and resting place. God draws near and makes a home on earth—sacred ground is all around us. This Advent, may we be comforted by the One who dwells intimately with us. May we expand safety and sanctuary for everyone wandering far from home. May we come home—wherever home is found—to live fully with joy, hope, and courage.

We welcome you to First Presbyterian Church, Fort Collins, this holiday season and always. Please join us in-person or online.

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