We Pray This Day

Caring MinistryO God, we pray this day…
For all who have a song they cannot sing,
For all who have a burden they cannot bear,
For all who live in chains they cannot break,
For all who wander homeless and cannot return
For those who are sick
and for those who tend them.
For those who wait for loved ones,
and wait in vain
For those who live in hunger
And for those who will not share their bread
For those who are misunderstood
And for those who misunderstand
For those who are captives
And for those who are captors
For those whose words of love
are locked within their heart
And for those who yearn to hear those words
Have mercy upon these, O God
Have mercy upon us all.


Caring for the soul

God doesn’t call the qualified…He qualifies the called. Is He calling you? Get involved in Caring Ministries!

Pastoral Visits

Food Minstries

  • Soup and Bread Ministry – Our circles make soup and bread to be delivered to those in need
  • Meal Ministry – Meals we take in following a surgery, illness, or death in family
  • Moms-to-Moms – Meals reaching out to new moms after a baby is born

Wrapped in Love: Kozy Quilters make individual blankets for each new baby

Outreach Communion: We have faithful teams that take communion to the homebound

Hospital Visitation: Our visitation team visits our members who are in the hospital on a regular basis

Outreach Visitation: We have faithful visitors, who spend time visiting with our   homebound members

Cancer Visitation: Caring people, that understand this journey, are available to listen, talk, or hold your hand.

Card/Calling Team: Team of members who send cards weekly to the sick, the lonely or those in need. They send cards also to honor celebrations!                   

Grief Share: This group runs twice a year here at our church. It is designed to help you successfully travel the journey from mourning to joy.                     

Emergency Assistance: An outreach to those in our congregation who find themselves in a crisis situation.


Please contact Marge Rice, Director of Caring Ministries, if you are in need of any of these services, or if you would like to be a ministry partner in any of these valuable services, (970)482-6107.