Carol and Lynn N.

Carol and Lynn are teachers/facilitators working with B.E.E. World (Biblical Education by Extension), a mission agency serving Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.  B.E.E. World provides comprehensive Bible education and training for pastors and leaders in areas where Christianity is illegal or restricted. The BEE World training model keeps students in-country at their primary ministry location so they are able to continue existing ministries, as well as start their own classes to teach and equip other pastors and church leaders in their region.


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How You Can Help

  • Pray: on-going and particularly for overseas facilitation trips
  • On-going prayer support for the safety of students and perseverance in their studies
  • Student effectiveness in training the “next generation” of students

 *names and exact locations are intentionally vague due to risk factors for the Pastors, leaders, and missionaries in regions where B.E.E. World serves. 


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