Presbytery of Plains and Peaks

The Presbytery of Plains and Peaks (PPP) consists of 36 churches stretching from the plains of Gordon, Nebraska, to the mountains of Nederland, Colorado. The churches are as varied as the geography. The Presbytery is the governing body that supports the collective work of our congregations. In the Presbyterian system of government, we believe that we, the Church are stronger when we work, worship and serve together. The PPP helps coordinate, govern, and support our collective work and worship. Together, the PPP supports international mission co-workers, the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance program, Highlands Camp, and the work of the General Assembly.


Rev. Denise D. Pass, Executive Presbyter
Phone: (970)352-6496

How You Can Help

  • Pray for the 36 churches in the Presbytery
  • Support the work of Highlands Presbyterian Camp and Retreat Center, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, and our mission co-workers serving around the world
  • Serve on Presbytery committees


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