Young Life

Young Life seeks to carry the message of Jesus Christ into the tumultuous teenage tide and points teenagers toward life as they were created to live it. Since 1941, the dynamic that has characterized Young Life is its commitment to relationships—Young Life leaders meeting kids on their turf in the interest of friendship. As leaders get to know teenagers, they are able to share the love of Jesus Christ through platforms like Young Life club, Campaigners, and trips to camp. FPC has supported this entity for over a decade.


Phone: (970) 484-9919

How You Can Help

  • Committee Member – behind the scenes support and planning for the mission
  • Volunteer Leader – working directly with teens or college-age students
  • Small Group Leader – lead a discipleship small group of college-age YL leaders
  • Booster Team – love on the Young Life team ministering to your neighborhood middle/high school
  • Roles at YL Camp – be the camp doctor/nurse or babysit so that teen moms can be kids at camp for a weekend.
  • Start Young Life in your community


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