Midweek eXperience (MX)

What is MX?

The Lord calls us together in the Body of Christ to carry out His work here on earth, and through our Midweek eXperience we hope to draw closer to God as we encourage, love, and serve one another in His name. MX includes a delicious, homemade meal, childcare, children's programs, youth group, and adult classes.


Come and experience…

  • A welcoming church family
  • Heartfelt care for children of all ages
  • Warm, homemade meals
  • Laughter and conversation
  • Engaging learning for adults
  • Young people seeing God’s love in action
  • Opportunities to serve and share your gifts

Schedule of Events

4:30–5:15 p.m. Children's Sacred Chorus (2nd-5th Grades)
5:15–6:00 p.m. Dinner Served
6:00–7:00 p.m. Adult Classes 
Youth Group (6th–8th Grade)
Children’s Ministry (K–5th Grade)
Childcare (Babies–PreK)

MX Spiritual Formation Classes for Adults


Session 2: October 17–November 14, Wednesdays, 6:00–7:00 p.m.
Please note: We will not have MX on October 31

  • When the Game is Over, It All Goes Back in the Box
    led by Rev. Glenn Perica
    This class is based on a book by Rev. John Ortberg. No matter how skillfully you play it, a time arrives when the game of life comes to an end. No more game cards. No more RV's and vacation homes. Game over. What did you win that you get to keep? Ortberg shows what it takes to really win at the game of life. The study will help you live with an eternal perspective, keeping your eyes on the true prize — the one that unlocks the gate to the Kingdom of God.

MX for Youth and Children

  • Middle School Youth Group (6th–8th Grade)
    led by Kalista Consol, Interim Director of Youth Ministry
    Middle school students are invited to connect with one another during an evening of games, discussion, and learning about God’s love for us.

  • Children’s Program (K–5th Grade)
    led by Pam Armstrong, Director of Children’s Ministry
    Children’s activities will include games, crafts, free-time, and other supervised activities. Childcare is available for those up to age five.