Corey Nelson

Senior Pastor
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Pastor Corey here.

Caring, Welcome, and Involvement

Rosie Whitelock, Center Leader

Miriam Nelson

Director of Welcome
and Fellowship Ministry

Marge Rice

Director of Caring Ministry

Discipleship and Spiritual Formation

Ron Sisk, Center Leader

Pam Armstrong

Pam Armstrong

Director of
Children's Ministry

Carlie Hoskins

Carlie Hoskins

Director of
Youth Ministry 

Kelly Regan

Early Childhood Coordinator

Mission and Outreach

Chris Perica, Center Leader

Stewardship and Resources 

Carl Maxey, Center Leader

Don Genson

Director of Operations

Becky Echeverria

Financial Secretary

Mike Ledbetter

Facilities Coordinator

Cathy Richardson

Communications Coordinator


Kimberly Shober

Office Manager

Worship, Music, and the Arts

Bob Powell, Center Leader

Marvin Crawford

Director of 
Music and the Arts

Joe McConathy


Jaime Peak

A/V Coordinator

Parish Associates

Joseph Moore

Parish Associate

Glenn Perica

Parish Associate