Who We Are

Church Building

Our red stone church stands on the corner of College and Myrtle. Ordinary as it looks, each piece of our sanctuary walls was chosen and lifted by the hands of the congregation who together walked the land of the Davis Ranch and moved the donated rock back to the building site. The red stones tell something of our story: each took a different journey, but all ended up in this place for the long haul. Together, they create a spacious refuge – a room alive with color and light where the current congregation gathers and celebrates the Chief Cornerstone, Jesus Christ.

Founded in 1872, First Presbyterian Church of Fort Collins has historically been a hands-on mosaic of God’s love, serving people who find themselves at crossroads and transitions. Physically located in a transitional corridor between the CSU campus and historic old town, First Pres is a long-standing sanctuary for many people experiencing life change – here in Fort Collins and around the world.

Whether change is caused by time or circumstances, our own hearts or world politics, we believe the God of the Bible is more real than the rock in our walls. We believe Christ’s love is as personal as the touch of our hands. We believe the Holy Spirit is at work in every step of the journey – ours and yours.

You are welcome here! Let us know if we can help. Get to know us through our website. Drop in on one of our Worship services or join us by live stream. And no matter where your journey takes you, may God meet you right where you are.